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Sunleite Integrative Health and Thermometry Centre offers

State of the Art THERMOMETRY,

a Health Canada approved adjunct medical device.

Breast and Full Body infra red scans with

no compression or radiation.


Full body scans which include the breast and dental areas, with over 120 points on the body assessed for both women and men:

    $345.00 plus HST  


Review of report with Doctor Leite is additional.

Call the clinic for more details.

When booking an initial assessment with Dr. Leite, a special rate of $295.00 plus HST applies for the Thermometry Scan with no additional charge for review of the report.

We have been offering infrared assessments since 2006.

An experienced thermographic technician, Jayne Manwaring performs the scan.




This state of the art technology replaces our previous thermography system.  We are now able to assess the body and breast with more than 120 points recorded using new infra red technology from Germany.  As before, Thermometry does not use radiation or compression to provide the data necessary to aid in identification of areas of concern within your body.  It is suitable for women and men, and children in certain circumstances.


The temperature information reflects the health and integrity of various tissues and organs.  Further computer analysis compares the clients’ temperatures with ideal values that have been derived from over 30 years of use in more than five hundred medical centres worldwide.  The scan recognizes patterns of temperature that have been correlated to physiological dysfunction of organs and systems.  In this respect, it is a valuable adjunct to other assessment tools such as MRI, CT scans and Mammography, but with no radiation or EMF’s which may affect the body.

Our Thermometry system may be used for the adjunct identification of abnormalities of the female breast, issues with the thyroid gland, peripheral vascular disease, musculoskeletal disorders, extra-cranial and facial vascular disease and a variety of inflammatory disorders.  One of the valuable aspects of this new assessment tool, is the ability to assess the dental area* which can be the root

cause, no pun intended, to dysbiosis within the breast and cardiovascular system.


  We are able to offer the full body scans, which includes the breast for women, for $345.00 + hst. Note: This does not include the follow-up appointment. There will be an additional charge for Dr. Leite to provide an analysis of the report as per her usual charges per time. This will range from 5 minutes to one hour dependant upon the client's health and scan results.


If you have not had an initial assessment with the clinic and have been thinking about doing so, the cost would be $295.00 + hst when combined with an initial assessment with Dr. Leite. 


You may be wondering if your previous thermography is comparable to the new technology?  Yes, we are able to compare the 2 scans relative to the Marseille rating system with more in-depth information.


Please call the office to book a time for your Thermometry scan and follow up appointment with Dr. Leite.




Evaluate Your Physiological Health

•  Breasts   •  Kidneys   • Ovaries    • Prostate   • Uterus

• Liver   • Heart   • Gallbladder   • Thyroid   • Pancreas

• Teeth    • Stomach   • Lymph   • Small Intestine

 • Sinus   • Spinal Column  • Colon


Whole-Body Thermometry can identify underlying causes,

often long before symptoms develop.



*See Testimonials         



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