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Quantum Energetics

  • Are you having trouble quieting your mind?
  • Are you depressed or feeling anxious?
  • Are you suffering from a disease or illness that interferes with your enjoyment of life?
  • Do you keep attracting people or events that cause you pain and grief?
  • Have you been feeling like you are wearing a heavy overcoat of problems that you cannot remove?


Become a healthy part of the universal tapestry of the human experience!

Quantum energy medicine is an enlightened and advanced modality that clears and rebalances your energy fields and has been carefully and intuitively developed over several years by Brenda Leite, Doctor of Natural Medicine of Sunleite Integrative Health Centre.

She has developed her own system for clearing all energy blockages within your energy system and then integrating the flow of healthy new energy. She has the gift of seeing the energy patterns in your field whether within or immediately outside of your physical body. Dr.Leite can see the original cause of the blockages which are often karmic and she clears them from your field, allowing you the freedom to integrate healthy new, balanced energy.

These blockages may have affected your emotional, mental and/or physical body.

Personal energy fields are expressed as auras and chakras, which diminish in areas where there are challenges. She may see a grey or muddy area where the aura is weakened. The seven chakras are vibrant (and are colour specific) and are in alignment with the flow of your life energy when you are healthy and balanced. When you are ill or having any challenge in your life, chakras and aura can tell the story.

The premis of Quantum Energy Medicine is based upon the concept that we are all energy beings and the world around us is made up of energy. If you consider the concept of cell phones, we know that they do function without a hard wire to plug in and connect. The waves are invisible to the human eye, yet we know they are there. There are vibrational energies everywhere, within our physical world, within our physical bodies, within our cells. 

What do I need to do to prepare for a group or personal “Quantum Energy Medicine”session?

It is important to be well hydrated for the Quantum Energy Medicine and to continue this hydration into the evening and the next day to help shift and cleanse the body. Increase your water consumption by 25% during this time.

Remove all jewellery and watches from your person, and please remove wallet and change from pockets.  Leave your under wire bra at home. A belt with a large buckle please remove or anything metal that may interfere with the energy flow.

Alcohol and tobacco should be avoided for 48 hours following the session.

What can I expect during the Quantum Energy Medicine session?

During the clearing session, you may feel tingling or warmth or an emotional feeling may come up and quckly disappear as they are released. All experiences are individual. After the clearing portion, Dr. Leite will integrate new, balanced energies within your energy field and within the room. She will discuss the clearing work that took place and ensure restorative energy is in place.

Enjoy your new beginning and know that you may need to change patterns of lifestyle or nutrition to ensure ongoing health and well-being. A book is underway for those who cannot attend the Sunleite Clinic to hear first hand from Dr. Leite the high vibrational approach to all of life's choices. Consider this...

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Remember - You can affect the energy of another just by thinking negative thoughts about them. Learn how to shield yourself from the thoughts of others.


Quantum Energy Medicine assists with this journey of release and restore. 

Regarding help for dealing with EMFs, electro magnetic frequencies, in our technological world, we do carry a pendant that neutralizes EMFs within a two-three foot radius such as cell phones and computer. Clients have found these extremely valuable to maintain a clear energy flow within the body and block negative energies.

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