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Natural Medicine is a distinct system of non-invasive healthcare and health assessment that does not employ surgery or allopathic drugs. It is based on the theory that natural substances or processes can stimulate the body’s innate ability to heal itself. The healing power of nature and the understanding of energy form the foundation of Natural Medicine.

Natural healers and practitioners of the late 19th and early 20th centuries believed in healing by bringing strength to the individual rather than treating specific diseases. They all had a reverence for nature, and many of them could point to specific observations, which led to the formation of theories and practices. Personal experience of illness and recovery often led them to practice natural healing. They frequently learned from each other or studied on their own, instead of, or in addition to receiving a formal education. They were highly successful at bringing good health to many people.

At Sunleite Integrative Health Centre, we are honouring this age-old system of healthcare, utilizing natural means to stimulate the body’s healing processes.

Practitioners of Natural Medicine, focus on cleansing, clearing and strengthening the body. They are trained in natural medicines and rely on counseling, education, natural medicine modalities, natural substances, including without limitation, the use of foods, food extracts, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, digestive aids, botanical substances, natural topical substances, homeopathic preparations, the clearing of non-beneficial energies, natural non-manipulative bodywork, and exercise to help stimulate and maintain the individual’s intrinsic self-healing processes.

In practice, during physical examinations, Natural Medicine Practitioners perform traditional assessment techniques such as taking blood pressure, observing the pulse, tongue, nails, eyes, and skin, as well as percussion and auscultation. At Sunleite Integrative Health Centre, we also employ modern techniques such as, infrared thermometry, nutritional and dietary assessments. We assess people of all ages in our clinic and have a special assistant, Lionel the lion, for our younger patients!

Note: Doctors of Natural Medicine are not allopathic Medical Doctors or Naturopaths and do not engage in any allopathic medical practice unless licensed to do so.



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