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Zero-Point Technology

Pendants, Power Plates and Coasters

How does The Zero-Point Technology work?

The Zero-Point Technology utilizes the newly re-discovered and intensely researched science of zero-point energy. Modern physics has identified this energy field to be complementary to the human body as it is regenerative and curative in nature. Exposure to zero-point energy promotes the creation of subtle organizing energy fields inside the human body. This accounts for the Zero-Point Technologies ability to aid in the body's natural healing processes.  When exposed to the zero-point field, your food and water (as well as other beverages) are 'cleared' or neutralized in terms of their subtle toxic potential.

In 1994, the National Institutes of Health adopted a new term called ‘Biofield’ to describe the subtle energy field that extends outward from our bodies. Some may know this field as the aura.  When this field is disrupted, we experience fatigue, decreased mental clarity, apathy, and an increased risk of degenerative disease

The Zero Point System™ utilizes the intensely researched science of Zero Point to develop solutions that place the body’s ‘Biofield’  back into balance. Zero Point is the burgeoning field of energetic healing and the Zero Point System™ helps improve sleep, focus, energy, a sense of calmness, and enhanced immunity while surrounding the body with a protective buffer from disruptive energies emitted by modern day technology,  such as
EMF (electromagnetic fields) and ELF (extremely low frequencies) created by radio waves, microwaves, computers, power lines, television, cars, planes, fuse boxes and so on.


Zero Point products use a technology grounded in the scientific research of Nikola Tesla, delivering enhanced well-being and superior protection by creating a 3 to 5 foot “balancing” field around the body to offset the chaotic effects of EMF impact on our personal Biofields. Zero-Point technology immediately neutralizes the effects of EMF and ELF waves in both our bodies and our foods.


Zero-Point Pendant

Wear the Zero-Point Pendant around your neck or carry it in your pocket as often as possible for total protection. The Pendant nullifies the harmful effects of EMF (electromagnetic fields) and ELF (extremely low frequencies). 

Available in Hematite, Aventurine, AND Tiger’s Eye.



8” Zero-Point Power Plate & 3 1/2" Zero-Point Power Coaster


The Zero-Point Power Plate or Coaster uses the same zero-point energy as in the Pendant.  Use the Zero-Point Power Plate to ensure that the food you eat and the water you drink is fresher, cleaner, and more vital than ever! The Power Plate can also help extend the life of your food possibly saving you hundreds of dollars a year in grocery bills.

Here are just a few benefits you may enjoy when using The Zero-Point Technology:


  • Helps to re-energize the food you buy from the grocery store - enjoy richer, better tasting meals. 
  • Helps to improve the taste and quality of municipal tap water and well water. 
  • Improves the taste of wine, coffee and other popular beverages - just put them on The Power Plate for 30 seconds or more!
  • Caution: The Power Plate may actually worsen the taste of highly toxic carbonated drinks. 
  • A heightened state of awareness
  • Rapid post surgical healing
  • Relief from PMS symptoms
  • Pain relief from muscle and joint pain
  • Relief from hang-over, jet lag, and toothache 


The Zero-Point Pendant, Plate and Coaster all have a constant energy field that does not need to be cleared or recharged as it has lifetime effectiveness.

Join the Zero-Point Revolution.

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Or call toll free 1-866-385-3303.

Zero Point Pendant

  • Hematite                $245.00*
  • Tiger's Eye             $245.00*
  • Green Aventurine   $245.00*

Zero Point Power Plate and Coaster

  • 8" Plate                  $245.00*
  • 3 1/2" Coaster       $  152.00*


    *applicable tax and shipping extra




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