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December 2016:   Dear Brenda Leite;

I am finally sitting down to write you and thank you. Let me re-wind back to April 2016 before I came to see you. I was a mess to put it simply. I was diagnosed by my family doctor with work burn out. My self described symptoms were anxiety, depression, lethargy, extreme fatigue and irritability. But it doesn't stop there. I was drinking two glasses of red wine per night, sometimes three depending on the stress that day, then at least a bottle or two or more on the weekends. I wasn't sleeping well, wasn't even dreaming as I used to, I could hardly make it through the day of work without extreme exhaustion and couldn't shake the feeling that I wanted to quit my job and run away from everyone. I was sure that I must be deficient in some vitamin but after my blood tests came back normal my family doctor recommended I go and see a therapist

Not sure why but something made me look you up and book an appointment for a quantum healing session in lieu of the whole therapist idea (which to be honest made me feel like I might be crazy versus just plain exhausted).

Now fast forward to the day I met you. So cliche to say that you changed  my life but you did. The detox program you put me on was incredible to say the least. Within two days the energy I thought I had lost 10 years ago returned in full force. Work colleagues, without knowing that I was on your program, made comments on how great I looked and how great my skin looked. My husband jokingly told me to stop the program as my energy and positive attitude was too much for him to deal with. My work life returned to normal, my wine consumption went down dramatically in addition to my coffee consumption. I was the old me again.

Now fast forward again to  7 months after continuing on the maintenance program you placed me on after the detox ended. Stress and anxiety free and feeling fantastic. I have now reduced my alcohol intake to one non alcoholic beer per night (sometimes none) during the week and maybe a glass of wine on the weekend or a glass if out for dinner with friends. Those who know me would never have believed that I could go without red wine for even a day. I feel great, my skin is great and I am dreaming again.

So this email is to thank you for changing my life  (how cliche). Please feel free to use my email as one of your testimonials so that other people know that if they feel the same way I did that there are natural alternatives to change the way you feel wihout drugs or therapists. It worked for me and I thought I was a lost cause. Thanks again!  G.L.


I just wanted to send an interesting follow up on my recent THERMOMETRY Report.

My report indicated dental toxicity in the upper left back teeth.  I have been having ongoing sensitivity to hot and cold in that area for some time which comes and goes away for a good bit of time.  My dentist has been watching this.  I have also switched to a holistic dentist in the meantime.

Within the last week things got worse with that tooth and I have just had the amalgam replaced in tooth 15 on the report.  There was a small crack found in the tooth.  I am also in the process of replacing old silver amalgams.  I will focus on the other teeth highlighted in the report first.  I am pleased that the report has been correct in highlighting a few areas of concern which have proven to be true.

Hope you are getting positive feedback on this tool. 





I was trying hard to eat right and exercise, but sometimes your body has weaknesses that need careful diagnosis and treatment.  This autumn after breaking some ribs in a bicycle accident, I came down with shingles and found out that my thyroid needed help.  I also had several deficiencies that I was unaware of.  I studied my problem for two months trying to find a plan to help myself naturally, without using pharmaceuticals, but I couldn’t find anything to take away the pain and suffering of shingles.  Dr. Leite had me on a carefully designed program that looked at all my nutritional needs and had me feeling better in only a few days.  Her knowledge of natural medical practices and science are astounding.  Their wonderful and friendly office staff will look after all your health needs.  It is my personal philosophy that you only have one body and that you need to look after it.



Port Perry



I have been seeing Brenda Leite for about 2 months now for help with weight loss and general health and the progress I've made so far with Dr. Leite's guidance is amazing - I am loosing weight and inches and have not felt this great in a very long time!  I have more energy and am more orgaized and positive in my thought and tasks at hand - not to mention the compliments I have been receiving on how great my skin looks.  Thank you Brenda Leite for the amazing work that you do and for all of your care, guidance and support!  I look forward to continuing the journey to total well-being with your help!  And many thanks to your staff - Jayne and Penny - two very lovely ladies - for all of their help!





Thank you for the work you do.  Your clinic is a haven in these turbulent times.  You are the future of health and well-being and I'm so very happy that you're here.






Just a quick hello and thank you to everyone!  I totally intended to visit the new facility before now...alas.  I reflect on my time shared with Sunleite often and can hardly believe where I came from and how different life is now.  Quite simply - thank you to everyone for making my life a more meaningful journey.

 Seems odd, now in closing, to shoot a two-liner by email just to say hi, thanks and you guys are awesome!  But I am...

 I hope this finds everyone well.

 Sharing the journey,






It’s been a year since my first trip to the Mayan in 2011 where I had to wear a one piece bathing suit due to my middle always being bloated and where I was always feeling lethargic and not looking forward to mealtimes.Anyway, it all changed when I came to see you.  I was so motivated and so happy to find a Doctor like you.  Your office environment was warm and comfortable and your associates were lovely.Although the cost of paying a Doctor over and above our ‘free’ medical system seems un-necessary to some…I strongly disagree.  The Allopathic Methods of healing do not work.  Genetically Modified Foods do not feed the hunger and personally, my body was very unhappy.Once I rid my household of un-natural foods, not only did I become healthier…so did my family (who resisted at first).  The photographs I have sent you were my attempt to show you a ‘before’ and ‘after’ however, the pictures are dated and so it should be obvious.The Photographs I have sent you reflect my image before you and I met but it was a pivotal point as I had already made an appointment to see you I believe in Aug. 2011.  My exercise routine has been less than a year and so I anticipate my body looking and feeling even better!!!

Thank you so much Dr. Leite.







Our toddler son had numerous ear infections and was being treated with continuous rounds of antibiotics. His immune system was also low and he wasn't fighting off colds and viruses as easy as he should. We had enough watching our son suffer and decided to try a different approach on medicine. When we reached out to Dr Leite and her team and were assured with a change of diet and natural remedies his symptoms would disappear and he would once again be healthy. During these weeks of treatment our son has not had one ear infection and he's healthy. We've also been informed he will not require tubes in his ears and that his hearing has improved. Dr Leite and her staff have been wonderful to our son. We would recommend their services to anyone. Thanks Dr Leite for always taking time to meet with us and for your continuous advice and support. Most of all we would like to thank you for our healthy 18 month old who is thriving and is no longer suffering.

K.S. & M.S.



I just wanted to share my results: "Benign Adenoma".  I can not tell you how happy this is all over. What a journey, one I had to take and am glad for it after all is said and done. I feel so blessed and I look through life with a different set of lens. My surgery went well. I healed quickly as you said, my body was/is stronger now. I didn't even take any pain meds from the moment I woke from the anesthetic because I felt good and not too uncomfortable.

I just want to say thank you Brenda. Leite. I truly believe everything happens to teach us a lesson of some sort. I was also meant to meet you so I could learn more and rebalance my body. I have now set forth on a new journey, I am trying to connect with my "spiritual" side and am interested in learning more about energy, spirit guides and so much more. Thank you. I can not tell you how fortunate I feel to have met you and I have recommended you to so many people. 



All I can say, is that there is no comparison to how I felt before my Quantum Energy Session when I walked in and after my session with Brenda. Leite.  Twice when I felt I had no answers or solutions to my constant fatigue, headaches and general ill-health, within minutes, I felt completely renewed – as if everything was right with myself and the world again.  I cannot thank Brenda Leite enough for what she has done for me!



First things first!  I feel absolutely wonderful since I had the pleasure of participating in a Quantum Energy Session with you – I no longer have the back pain between my chest and I can breathe so much more deeply than before.  As factual proof, I had my 6 month visit with my respirologist this week and I am now using 93% lung capacity – the highest I have had since I started to see him (and I had been taking a lesser form of the steroid since my last visit in March).  For the first time he has indicated that I may be off the asthma drugs!  We are going to reduce the amount in March as a test, and if all is well and my numbers are maintained, then I will be able to say goodbye to the drugs!  I thank you for this!



I have thought long and hard what to write about Brenda Leite. Initially when I met Brenda I was a bit suspicious about whom I was going to see. As a health professional I thought maybe Natural Medicine Doctors were “quacks” who suggested ridiculous treatments.


However, having been diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in April 2010 I was searching.

I had surgery and chemotherapy. Initially when I saw Brenda it was because of a particular “antioxidant”.


It was like I met a new friend and I have felt that way ever since. Brenda was and is a professional. She would not start anything until a month after chemotherapy had finished. However, she did suggest the Quantum Energy Therapy which I undertook. I cannot express enough how much I felt improved with this. It felt like all the “bad energies” had been taken away and I was starting anew.


Brenda has guided me through a detoxifying program and specific diet and supplements. She also helped me decide if I should use the particular antioxidant I had been seeking.

I had total faith in her and decided not to pursue it.


I feel wonderful and people say I look wonderful. I put it down to Brenda’s guidance re diet, supplements and her genuine concern that I would not over extend myself in my professional life.


I have just had a full body Thermography and am returning to receive my results.

I am also planning to enroll in one of Brenda’s workshops related to quantum energy.


I would be remiss not to acknowledge the wonderful staff. Jayne and Penny have been great.


So as you can tell. I really am a convert. Brenda is part of my health care team. Even though I live in Toronto I will continue to see her for regular follow ups.





After 49 consecutive days of pain…I’ve had 10 pain free days!!! THANK YOU!  The diet is working.



Dear Brenda Leite

Where to begin to say “thank you” for your excellent “vitamin regiment” these past few years. 

Initially, you recommended using a ‘crystal’ instead of an over-the counter deodorant.  The painful boils in my armpits have disappeared and my skin is now soft and odorless. Also, I find my blood pressure has lowered to 112/68 and the highest 148/98 due, in my opinion, to the passive/aggressive union I am in. 

A year ago I’d been told by the optometrist that I have the onset of macular degeneration (MD).  I was seeing squiggles in the air and a blinking light in my peripheral vision.  I made an appointment with the cataract surgeon, presuming that there may be scar tissue forming in my eye.  The surgeon confirmed the macular degeneration.  I called Dr. Leite who recommended a specific nutraceutical.  After a few months use, the blinking light and the squiggles have disappeared! 

Several months ago, I was advised by a GP that I have osteoporosis.  After being on Dr. Leite’s regiment, I no longer have pain in my ankles when climbing up and down stairs. Recently, I helped out at our church bazaar, 4 hours on each of Friday and Saturday.  One of the other ladies, who said she was 62, said to me “aren’t you tired”.  I said “no”, she said “I’m dead on my feet”.  Being an almost 76 year old, I think I’m doing “okay”.  THANK YOU BRENDA LEITE. 


P.S. and my incontinence is a thing of the past.


Dear Dr.Leite and staff;

A few years ago I started experiencing problems with my throat.  I felt as if I had a huge lump and had difficulty swallowing.  I went to my doctor and went through many tests.  All showed nothing.  I was passed onto other doctors and more tests.  Everyone said I was fine except during this course I was becoming exhausted and riddled with pain. If I wasn't sleeping, I was crying.  I thought I was going crazy!  After my last visit with my doctor who said I just have to live with it, I decided to try your clinic.   Penny and Jayne always made me feel welcome.  You listened to me and for once I didn't feel crazy. Your program fixed all my problems within 2 months.  After 2 years of absolutely feeling awful I was amazed!  I now have energy to burn and feel great. I have even gone back to exercising.  I can honestly say I'm in better shape now than before I even got sick. Thank you for giving me back my life!!! You are a great doctor and I encourage anyone with health issues to visit your clinic and see for themselves. I wish I had seen you sooner.                 Thanks again,




I have suffered from arthritis in my hands for 14 years now.  Stress came into my life on one particular day and the next morning I could not put on my rings.  They lay in the safety deposit box for 3 years, until my daughter’s wedding.  When I got them out, my knuckles were so inflamed, my ring size had gone from a 7 to a 10.  For years the pain was so great I could not shake hands without feeling I would be sick.  Every little bump would nearly put me to my knees and bring tears to my eyes.  I have also suffered with varicose veins in my right leg for 33 years.

But – “Leite” has come into my life, this being in Brenda Leite.  January 21, 2009, I walked into her office and my life has changed immensely.

I was put on a proper diet, which I have followed, I have been detoxifying at the clinic using the Infrared Sauna and the Ionizing Foot Bath and most of all the Metaphysical Energy Rebalance Session, along with supplements which have been recommended for my issues.

Yesterday, one month later, I walked into Dr. Leite’s office… I have lost 9 lbs, 3 inches off my hips and 3 inches off my waist.  I have so much energy, my rings are rolling around on my fingers, and my veins are not “bulging” like they used to.

But:  At 12:30 this morning, I wanted to get atop the roof and cheer… my fingers that have been frozen, unable to bend, for some 5-6 years are now starting to bend.  My middle finger on my left hand, gave a tingle, I made a fist and low and behold the knuckle bent and I could touch my palm once again.  I took pictures of my hands in 2004, knowing in my heart that someday I would be able to move my fingers, today I took another picture to prove what has taken place.

This has been one of the greatest moments of my life.  I have waited and prayed that someone would come into my life and help me.

Thanks – I am finally on the mend and I feel great!




My deepest gratitude for Brenda and her staff for the help I received during a most difficult time in my life physically but mostly mentally and emotionally.  The peace of mind and solace I found through the energy sessions have allowed me to move forward with a strength I didn't know I had.  The detoxification process is truly a holistic approach to a healthier happier life.



I have been so overwhelmed by what you have taught me in such a short amount of time.  I am very grateful to you and the girls for providing a safe haven for me.  It is difficult to put into words what I am experiencing.  The work you have done, allowing me to continue my journey in this new beautiful light has filled me.  I am bubbling over with great joy and excitement.  Wow!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!



It has been a new year for me since September with my change in diet and thoughts and outlook on life.  Thank you so much for all you have guided, done, facilitated to set me well on the path of healing in body, mind, and spirit.  The world and beyond has expanded for me in incomprehensible ways. I am humbled and put my trust in the Creator as to what I'm being taught and where I am being led."



Depressed, overwhelmed and feeling sorry for myself, I walked through the doors of Sunleite Integrative Health Centre one month into my disability leave. 
Within 5 weeks, committing to the Rebalance diet and supplements, my energy and self-worth has been renewed, not to mention I'm 10 pounds lighter. I managed to detox and rid myself of candida and high cholesterol.  Cravings and sympathy eating disappeared. My alkaline/acid pH was monitored with each visit keeping my diet choices in check. The infrared sauna not only assisted in the detox, but the heat helped with the deep soft tissue injury. This eased the pain in my hand and I continue to progress with my rehab hand exercises.  With each passing day, I'm encouraged to believe I will get full use of my hand back.  I'm feeling great and this can only help with recovery.    
I believe "good things happen after bad".  Brenda and Jayne have renewed my hope, given me strength and optimized my personal well-being.  In a world so busy, busy, busy, I'm grateful now to have had this opportunity to slow down, take care of myself and discover a natural alternative.  I believe this community is blessed to have a place where your best interests are Sunleite's best interests. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Many hugs.
C. H.


Sunleite Integrative Health Centre has been a blessing to my daughter and myself.  My daughter has had bowel problems since she was 5 months old and spent 4 years in pain, on and off.  She was living on a laxative daily.  After following Brenda M. Leite’s protocol, her bowel movements are regular and she is laxative free.  A leg pain she had is also gone.  A doctor would say it was growing pains.  I believe differently.  What you eat, taking natural products and vitamins is very important.  My nails look great for the first time ever, and my energy level is improving.  The energy room is amazing.  The heaviness on my chest and different joint pains are gone.  Thanks Sunleite - Brenda for helping us feel great.


I was suffering the symptoms of extreme drowsiness in the afternoon and hemoglobin was present in my urine. After a live blood analysis, I saw that I had a very high level of candida, very poor development of my white blood cells, plus some other parasite type nasties floating around. In addition to a battery of supplements, I was put on a spiteful 25 day liver detoxification that included no alcohol or coffee and an antii-yeast diet which I strictly adhered to.  I also had a few foot baths.
The follow-up blood test at the completion of the month showed that the yeast had almost entirely disappeared, as had the parasites, and the white cells were flowing and healthy. My afternoon energy level increased to the point that I continued not drinking coffee as I don’t find I need the boost any longer.  I also lost about 8 pounds throughout, 5 of which seem to have stayed off in spite of the reintroduction of beer and wine to my diet.
I would recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to actually see what’s going on in their bodies. It’s remarkable.


Living life to the fullest can only be done in great health.  Brenda has helped me find that spark that shines from the inside out.  Brenda and her staff are truly earth angels and I am blessed to have opened the door to Sunleite.


I found the energy enhancement room restful and invigorating at the same time.  All in all, an extremely wonderful experience in a loving and harmonious atmosphere.


Sunleite Integrative Health Centre provided me with the information and expertise that I needed and helped me regain my energy and well-being.  I am so pleased with Sunleite and will continue to work with them.


After Brenda Leite helped me with my diet, I felt a lot better and I got a lot more energy.  My stomach aches that I got because of my food allergies went away.  The technology at the clinic was very high tech.  The EES room was very impressive.  I felt great after being in the room.
G.D. – 14 years old


 After Brenda Leite helped me with my diet, my over-growth of candida and with my overall self, I felt so much better with myself.  The atmosphere of the clinic was happy and warm to be in.  Brenda is very easy to have for a practitioner of natural medicine.  The treatment was fine and helped me ALOT.  I feel great.
L.D. – 14 years old


Like any teenager, I thought I was perfect and in great health – until I saw my live blood sample.  I had huge amounts of candida and my white blood cells were in bad shape.  After a month on a detox diet prepared for me, I couldn’t believe that when I was tested again, all my candida was gone!  Not only that but I have more energy, better skin and a sense that I did something really amazing for my body.

E.E. – 17 years old


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