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June 5th, 2014


Written by:

Dr. Brenda M. Leite

PhD, Doctor of Natural Medicine

Sunleite Integrative Health Centre


    “Cancer: Thinking Outside of the Box”



Whether you are looking for measures for cancer prevention or if you or a loved one is dealing with cancer, there are methodologies to consider for prevention or treatment “outside of the box.”  Lets review the basics first which you may be familiar with; eat organic, pesticide/hormone/additive free food; exercise to improve oxygen and hormone levels in the body and to assist, through perspiration, the removal of toxins; take high quality, bio-available supplements, drink clean water free of chlorine and water softener salt; reduce stress; stop smoking and minimize or eliminate alcohol consumption; avoid contaminants in your body care and hair products, make-up and home care products; do not block your natural detoxification system with anti-perspirant.


Yet, even with those individuals following to the best of their ability these well known guidelines, we still see cancer in otherwise healthy people. In my clinical experience, I have seen a shock or trauma contribute to a serious imbalance.  Quantum energetics is one of the areas of focus for prevention and treatment purposes. This type of trauma would be one where the foundation of your life is altered by forces outside of your control. For example, a loved one is killed suddenly in a car accident or someone close to you who betrays your trust in a significant way. The trauma/shock may cause the permanent end to a relationship or perhaps have a severe financial loss like the loss of retirement funds or a home. For more sensitive individuals, the trauma can be of a more minor nature, leaving a negative charge in your own energy system. These kinds of traumas interfere with your life force, your chi, and particularly when there is already an imbalance in that energy centre, disease can develop. The chakras are one way to organize and feel your energy balance. Foundational weaknesses in your chakras can be observed with someone who doesn’t speak up easily, the throat chakra will not be vibrant, or with another individual who pleases and gives up their power easily, their solar plexus will be weak. Yoga and meditation are excellent ways to help keep your chi flowing well but it can take the expertise of an energy worker to see the strength of your chakras and then to clear them.


When I am working with a client with cancer, the very first area I address is the energy system. Aside from the fear which usually clears well with Emotional Freedom Therapy, a tapping technique to clear foundational fears, there will always be particular energy centres where the cancer has grown where the chi is not flowing well if at all.


In addition to your energy centres, are the energy influences around you and your workplace. The Electro Magnetic Fields that now pervade every home and business directly affect your energy system. I know in my own household, if the WiFi connection is accidentally left on overnight, we will all sleep restlessly. There has been scientific proof that cell phones, held to the head, can contribute to cellular destruction and the latest bras on the market where there is a cell phone holder built into the bra, are starting to show dangerously heated zones in the breast. Think of the EMFs as radiation, which is how they affect the body over time. Unplug the WiFi at night, use hands free with your phone, get the devices out of your children’s hands where they seem to be 24/7! Many households are going to cell phones only and removing the landlines. The landline phones, that aren’t cordless, are the safest in-home communication. The EMFs cause cumulative damage and since we are a delicate combination of energy and matter, we don’t want prolonged heated energy focused on our bodies for any significant duration of time.


Lastly, do not think that this could never happen to you. Be conscious about your choices. Know that either energetically or on a physical level; you may have an imbalance in early stages triggered by a shock or trauma or by excessive EMF exposure. A quantum energy worker can assist with the energetics as can regular practice of yoga and meditation, and thermometry can assist on a physical level for prevention of the advancement of cancer in the body as an adjunct medical assessment device.  Cancer begins growing as a small heated zone due to the increase of nutrients required, via your own vascular system. You can imagine that with a small atypical cell (the beginning of cancer) that is being energized by your cell phone energy or WiFi, how much damaging heat can be generated. This heat can be seen by thermometry on the physical level and can be seen by an energy worker on an energetic level. Assess your home and workplace regarding EMFs and assess your own electrical system for any imbalances. You can find more detailed information on EFT and EMFs online to begin your own self treatment and make foundational changes in your environment for cancer prevention. Consider this….




December 12th, 2013

Written by:

Dr. Brenda M. Leite

PhD, Doctor of Natural Medicine

Sunleite Integrative Health Centre


Quantum Energy:

Are You Short Circuiting


Are You Plugged Into Your Full Spectrum?


Natural medicine healing not only involves working with the scientific aspect of healing but also working with the foundations of existence to ensure the energetics of the person are fully operational. The scientific assessment may entail numerous components such as live blood assessment, hair, stool, urine and saliva analysis, blood pressure, pulse, physical review of tongue, nails, eyes and skin, review of physical history such as existing conditions and past surgeries, and infra red assessment with thermometry. Diet is an important aspect of health and food allergies or sensitivities may be analysed as well as lifestyle and stress. The above investigations do yield a great deal of information to assist with developing protocols that provide improvements in health. But are they comprehensive enough? Are they foundational to the core of the spirit? No they are not. It is vitally important whether you are just feeling fatigued or whether you are dealing with cancer or any other serious imbalance, that your quantum energetics are assessed.


The energy of the body dictates the terrain and is at the root cause of most imbalances whether acute or chronic. Your chakras are a vital part of the analysis to permanently provide healing of the body, mind and spirit. If you practice yoga and meditation, you are familiar with your chakras but do you know the potential for working with your chakras for profound healing?


The chakras are the body’s energy centers that appear like wheels of light. Each chakra light wheel has its own identifiable colour. The chakras connect with the etheric body where your akashic or past life records are stored. When you are well, they rotate with energy and vivid colour in a clockwise fashion. When you have an emotional blockage in a particular zone, the chakra looks grey and muddy. These blockages or short circuits if not cleared then affect the physical level of your existence with an imbalance. The blockage can be karmic per the akashic records or can be created from your present life and an emotional shock or trauma.


Wherever you are blocked, that particular chakra will be affected along with the rest of the chakras that fall below the chakra. The chakras are as follows: the crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacral and root chakra. The energy can flow from the earth up and down from the crown. Most energy travels from above so if you have an issue with sore throats for example, the chakras below the throat chakra will also be affected with lower energy. What are the physical signs that a chakra is out of balance? The white or violet crown chakra, which is your connection to Spirit, would present as migraines, depression, and anxiety, a feeling that nothing is going right in your life or a feeling of being overwhelmed. I often see this blockage in chronic fatigue or panic attacks. The indigo third eye chakra imbalance may be sinus issues, headaches, hearing loss or tinnitus, hormonal imbalance, lack of discernment and frustration in life choices. Interestingly, the third eye is the intuitive centre. The blue throat chakra is the communication center and imbalances may be a sore throat, dental issues, cervical spine imbalances and thyroid.


The green heart chakra is the emotional center and the meridians of the heart run down both of the arms to the hands. An unhealthy heart chakra may present as cardiovascular issues, lung imbalances, thoracic spine challenges and possible reflux. The yellow solar plexus chakra is your power center and imbalances may be gastro-intestinal issues especially leaky gut with a chronic adrenal fatigue history, hiatal hernia, liver stress, gall bladder congestion, spleen and pancreatic imbalances. If you are experiencing lower back pain, your orange sacral chakra is out of balance. This is your creative and sensual zone. Along with back issues, reproductive organ challenges and lower bowel issues may be experienced.


Finally the red root chakra is the grounding center and sexuality zone for both female and male. This area is also considered a communication zone. We sometimes see prostate, erectile dysfunction, haemorrhoids, sigmoid colon congestion, tailbone pain and constipation as physical displays of a dysfunctional root chakra.


The physical note to self is meant to bring your attention to where the issue lay in your energetic pattern. It is extraordinary to witness the healing of stage four cancer working with quantum energetics combined with natural medicine healing of the body, the most powerful combination.  Take stock of your own personal rainbow. Where are your areas that are disconnected from the core of your light? Consider this…



Article for Nature’s Emporium, Fall 2013

By Dr Brenda M Leite

Ph.D.(N.M.), B.Sc.N.M., R.N.P., D.N.M.

Doctor of Natural Medicine

Sunleite Integrative Health Centre



The Truth about Cancer


Cancer is the leading cause of death in Canadians, accounting for 30% of deaths annually. (2013-Canadian Cancer Society). October is breast cancer awareness month, reminding women and men to bring their awareness to their bodies and self care. Based upon 2013 incidence rates, over 500 men and women will be diagnosed with cancer daily and over 200, daily,  will die from it. Breast cancer accounts for 26% of new cancer cases in women. Stats from 2007 indicate that an estimated 1 out of every 4 Canadians are expected to die from cancer. Extrapolating this information could lead to a 1 out of 3 ratio of Canadians who are dealing with cancer. Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in Canadian women (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer). Incidence rates are increasing among women over 50. Men also experience breast cancer although it is rare. Annual recent Canadian statistics indicate that 190 men will be diagnosed with breast cancer and 55 will die from it.


There is no single cause for breast cancer but some contributing factors may be: age, family history of breast cancer (particularly if mutations of BRCA1 or BRCA2 genes are present), no pregnancies or having a first pregnancy after age 30, menstruation beginning at an early age and/or later than average menopause, dense breast tissue, taking hormone replacement therapy and/or the birth control pill, alcohol use, diet, smoking, consuming excess “estrogen replicates” in diet such as single serve water bottles with a “1” in the recycling label, or meat or dairy products that contain growth hormones, poorly managed stress, lack of physical activity, emotional blockage within the heart chakra, toxins- both ingested and environmental, immune health, exposure to excessive radiation to the chest area. (According to the Public Health Agency of Canada). The Canadian Cancer Society recently added more definition to alcohol use as a contributing factor to the development of breast cancer, as follows; Just over one drink of alcohol per day can increase breast cancer risk. Alcohol may cause higher levels of estrogens and it may decrease some essential nutrients that protect against cell damage such as folate, vitamin A and C.


Phyto-estrogens, plant based estrogens, found in soy and flax, may also contribute to overloading of estrogens in the body. Estrogen is the main hormone linked to breast cancer, although progesterone and androgens can also be involved in some instances. There are sufficient studies to indicate the harmful nature of body care products, foods and packaging that contain estrogen-replicators (xeno-estrogens) and other contaminants, that can encourage cell mutation.


Some possible signs of breast cancer developing are; a lump or swelling in the armpit, changes in the breast’s size or shape, dimpling, thickening or puckering of the skin, redness, swelling and increased warmth in the affected breast (readily determined by thermography), inverted nipple or crusting/scaling of the nipple.


There are changes women and men can make to their diet, stress levels, and lifestyle to reduce the likelihood of developing cancer. It is important to be aware that the United States are allowed to use growth hormones in their livestock. Check with your suppliers of dairy and meat to find out if the product is a blended American/Canadian product or if the product is exclusively American. Local produce, dairy and meat, identified as free of hormones and antibiotics are the best choice. Animals should also not be factory farmed as the high levels of cortisol found in the meat is passed along to you when you consume it.


Checking your breasts monthly is important, as are clinical exams by your health professional. But since there are cancers that develop even within seemingly healthy, balanced individuals, diagnostic tools are necessary to assist with discovering breast cancer early enough to avoid surgery, chemo, drugs and risk of the cancer spreading to other areas of the body. While you may choose thermography, ultrasound, mammography and/or MRIs to assess the breast tissue, the only way to diagnose cancer is a tissue biopsy. Be informed. Be part of the process of decision making. There are excellent integrative approaches that can treat the cause of the imbalance on all levels of the body, mind and spirit.


Assess your risk factors, review your diet and lifestyle choices and be an advocate for your health. Prevention is the key to the success in reducing the staggering cancer statistics. In most cases, you can reverse or avoid cancer through awareness and action with a natural health care provider. Consider this….



Article for Nature’s Emporium, Summer 2013


Rebalance your adrenals and revitalize your life!

Written by: Dr. Brenda M. Leite


Adrenal fatigue is one of the most common stress-related illnesses present in our society today, yet it is often overlooked. Your energy, endurance and all aspects of your life depend on the proper functioning of your adrenal glands.  The glands sit on top of the kidneys near the spine, just underneath the last rib. They weigh only four to six grams yet command powerful hormones to extend their influence throughout your body. You cannot live without your adrenal glands and the functionality greatly influences your quality of life.


The adrenal gland hormones are responsible for physical, emotional and psychological effects ranging from the level of your sex drive to the tendency to gain weight. Adrenal exhaustion can stem from various short or long term stressors in your life, such as physical, chemical, thermal, emotional and/or mental stress. You may be familiar with the “fight or flight” mechanism wherein the glands secrete additional hormones such as adrenaline, to provide the extra energy required to deal with a stressful situation. Following this trigger, there must be a period of rest in order for the glands to restore to normal function. Problems start to surface when there is no down time allowed in your life and the glands get depleted.


This depletion can even occur with a combination of smaller stresses such as: a bout of the flu, a tooth abscess, intense physical exertion, a severe argument with a loved one, environmental toxins, workplace stress and poor diet, to name just a few. There are many symptoms of depletion of the adrenal glands. Some of the symptoms may include: hypoglycemia, fatigue, allergies, arthritis, mental health, memory loss, asthma, bronchitis, hemorrhoids, hypotension (low blood pressure) and conversely, hypertension (high blood pressure), sinusitis, insomnia, knee or lower back problems, bursitis, dizziness or lightheadedness, particularly upon arising from a sitting or prone position, craving for salt, edema, poor healing response to injury and chemical sensitivities.


The excess adrenal hormones excreted during the onset of adrenal challenges create inflammation in the body, which can be corrected with natural methods. However, adrenal stress that has been a pattern for an extended period of time, results in chronic inflammation and a reduced quality of life. Chronic adrenal stress requires a multi-level approach to correct the issue. This approach includes identifying the cause of the stress, detoxifying the body to bring it back to homeostasis and balancing the hormones. An integral part of a rebalancing plan is to teach the body/mind connection to stay relaxed and centered, often utilizing yoga and meditation practices.


The most challenging part of addressing adrenal imbalances is identifying the cause of the stress. Often we can trace the commencement of the issue to childhood. For instance, if there was abuse in the family or undue stress on you as a child, the adrenals can begin to be called upon to keep you going above and beyond what your body can naturally handle. Witnessing a shock or trauma can elicit a chronic adrenal response as well. Those individuals dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder are experiencing an unhealthy adrenal response. All ages can be affected by this serious, hidden issue. Consider this…




Article for Nature’s Emporium, Spring 2013


Balancing Natural Simplicity with Modernization

How Hormones are affecting our Health and Well-being

Written by: Dr. Brenda M. Leite


Every life form on the planet is being affected by the imbalance of hormones in our environment. Humans, animals, birds, insects, aquatic life, plants; all life is attempting to cope with an overabundance of hormone disruptors. The chemicals, pesticides and phthalates in the environment play havoc with our personal hormonal systems.


 Some individuals are not concerned with bringing their awareness to this aspect of twenty- first century living. “My grandparents lived to be in their nineties and enjoyed relatively good health until old age took over.” While genetics do play a role in longevity to some extent, the hormone disruptors in our food, air and water are changing the statistics that we have used to predict age and disease relationships. Unless your ancestors’ homes or workplaces involved asbestos or coal, for example, their existence was relatively chemical free.


There were no plastics, no genetically altered seeds/foods, no pesticides (this generation knew to be grateful for dandelions and their many uses for our health) and no pre-made, convenience food or fast food. They lacked many of the conveniences and modernizations that exist today and had to use their bodies to get through their day effectively. Perspiration was a part of the day and no antiperspirants were there to interfere with the body’s natural way of releasing toxins.


I recall my Norwegian grandmother with her wringer washer in the kitchen which she would use while making dinner in quite a small space while looking after the needs of her grandchildren running around. We don’t want to return to life as a struggle but she did perspire in her day to day life out of necessity. Unknowingly, she was releasing toxins via her third pathway, the skin, following liver and kidney routes of detoxification.  


Take a moment and think about how your life is structured today. Consider how many machines make your life easier so that you don’t need to exert yourself.  If your job is sedentary and you have to drive to get to your place of business, then you must incorporate exercise into your daily activity.  Do you know where your food has come from and how it has been treated? The livestock in the “yesteryear” period of time did not receive growth hormones for better production nor did they receive antibiotics as a precautionary tool to ensure no livestock would be unsuitable for market. Factory farming had not yet been invented.


Your new car, sofa, flooring & clothing all “off gas” and pollute your immediate environment. I intentionally purchase a two year old car to limit my exposure to the xeno estrogens released from the materials in the car, particularly the plastics. If you use a chemical fabric softener, you are contributing to a toxic imbalance in your body by contact and inhalation. Consider your favourite restaurant. Where does their food come from? Are they purchasing based upon economy or health? Are you drinking town water that contains chlorine, fluoride and drugs? Did you know that there are citizens who flush or pour out their drugs into the water system? And a charcoal filter doesn’t remove any of those chemicals.


Consider making a list of how many items in your day involve chemicals, whether you are ingesting or inhaling them. Begin your journey at home and take one weekend with a journal in hand to make notes of all of the areas of your life that expose you to hormonal disruptors. Cellular devices are off limits for this exercise as they give off Electro Magnetic Frequencies that disrupt your hormonal system by affecting your thyroid. Do you play golf? Why is it not acceptable in England to apply pesticides for that perfect playing green? Do you use your car when you could have made the journey on foot or by bicycle? Polluted air disrupts hormones. There are a plethora of chemicals produced by exhaust that affect you. All of the home odour/scent products play havoc with hormones. Do you purchase food in plastic or foam containers? Is your food brought in from the U.S. where they are permitted to use growth hormones? If you don’t know, ask your retailer and help them to be informed.


 It is unrealistic to turn back time and live in a world without toxins. To be certain, many of the changes during the last century were progressive in terms of global communication and information. In North America, we need to consider other countries that have modified their cities to be environmentally friendly and are working models of efficiency and well-being like Switzerland and Holland. The bottom line is we can make changes in our personal lives and in our community life to improve food, water and air quality. While we cannot return to a completely clean life that existed many decades ago, we can keep our immune system strong, our liver responsive and vibrant to deal with the toxins of today.


Detoxification is essential on an annual basis. Hormone balancing begins with removing or reducing exposure and by a healthy, fit body. If you don’t sweat, find a way to sweat, either through exercise or with a sauna or salt bath. Remove all pollutants that you have control over in daily food, water and your environment. Take obesity seriously as body fat stores excessive amounts of hormones, particularly estrogens. This excess estrogen storage contributes to a feminizing of the male body, infertility for both genders, and to cancer. Assess your water. What do you need to do to ensure a safe source of water for your family in your residential location? Try a local yoga class to help you with the internal work of balance, purchase your goods whether to wear or eat from a free trade, aware vendor and support your community by getting involved with decisions that affect the wellness of all. Consider this.....


Article for Nature’s Emporium, Winter 2012

Rebalancing the Terrain of Your Foundation

Written by: Dr. Brenda M. Leite

Think of your body as the foundation of your home. Is it strong, supported and sound? Does the energy flow through it well, making your home feel protective and comfortable? Are you heating and cooling it properly to enable all of the materials in your home to be in good shape to withstand the various seasons and environmental changes? Are your humidity levels perfect to ensure materials are well hydrated but not too moist to encourage yeast formation or too dry to encourage premature aging and drying of the surfaces? Or are there unwelcome dust bunnies gathering strength in the inner core under the sofa?

Our bodies are very similar to the concept of home. Your body is in fact your foundation that you take with you any place that you go. How are your structural and heating/cooling systems? Is there any yeast growing or other unwanted parasites, fungi or bacterium that are affecting your terrain? You are also affected by environmental influences such as adverse weather, extreme heat or cold, wind and airborne pollutants. Your skin is your barrier to the extreme elements so it is vital to ensure it is well hydrated and covered when needed for protection from sun or extreme temperatures. It needs to be aired out to remove toxins to ensure the inner vibrancy can proceed outwardly through sweat and the shedding of skin cells. This cyclical action of the body’s covering enables the final opportunity for detoxification and renewal.

Just like the spring clean that we all feel compelled to do with our places of residence, we also need to consider our bodies for the same thorough treatment. Unlike our homes, we are subjected to numerous other elements that pose a threat to our health if left accumulating in our systems. Pesticides; stress hormones in meat and dairy from factory farmed foods; water in plastic containers or treated town water containing various contaminants like chlorine and drug residue; chemical laundry detergent and fabric softeners and commonly consumed food; sugar, wheat, alcohol and caffeine products are some of the obvious daily exposures that challenge our foundation.

It is our liver that takes the burden of these contaminants. The liver is our main generating system for removal and regeneration. When our liver is over burdened, which affects most of us by the year end in varying degrees, we feel less energetic.  We may experience eczema or dryness and irritation.  Our other elimination system, the lower gastrointestinal system, can start to be irritable or sluggish. You may experience irritable bowels or chronic constipation.  The liver’s challenge in dealing with all of these extra pollutants results in inflammation as some of the toxins begin to get past the liver, and enter our system via the small intestine.  This process affects our uptake of nutrition resulting in leaky gut.  The body has a built-in protective system of mucous and yeast production which can line our inner pathways to ensure heavy metals, unwelcome allergens or contaminants do not affect our body. This mechanism of protection results in congested airways or sluggish bowels. 

Finally, the invisible waves from cell phones, computers, communication towers, Wi-Fi, and other Electro-Magnetic Frequencies, which surround our homes and work places, create a disturbance to our nervous and hormonal systems. Thyroids are disrupted which, in turn, triggers hormonal imbalance. Sleep is often disturbed resulting in fatigue or an altered circadian rhythm where you do not cycle through all of  the healthy stages of sleep but stay in a light sleep. This light sleep interferes with your body’s repair work and you wake up not feeling refreshed and your foundation is slowly broken down.

As you can see, your “New Year’s Cleanse” or “Spring Clean” must address all levels of potential toxicity and inflammation. It isn’t enough just to change your consumption habits or to just focus on a yeast cleanse. A layered approach addressing diet, hydration and fitness, personal care products, gastrointestinal systems including liver and bowels, skin detoxification, diminishing EMF exposure and finally considering your messaging centre or built-in Smart Meter. This Meter governs the energy you are sending to all of your systems particularly your water molecules. Dr. Masura Emoto’s work on the importance of creating healthy water molecules is the final, vital component to a complete detoxification.  Our thoughts can create a toxic or vibrant environment whereby 70% of your system, your water molecules, responds to positive or negative thought. Daily, “loving thyself” affirmations complete a successful rebalancing program.  The comprehensive changes made during your detoxification can continue throughout the year along with nutritional support to ensure your nutrient uptake is as high as it can be. Consider this 4 week rebalance plan with Sunleite for a healthy foundation with all systems operating at their optimum for longevity and vibrant health.

Consider this.....



Article for Nature’s Emporium, Fall 2012

Syndrome X

Written by: Dr. Brenda M. Leite



“Syndrome X” is a term that applies to the variable combination of obesity, high blood cholesterol (LDL), poor blood glucose balance (insulin resistance) and high blood pressure, and is sometimes termed the “Metabolic Syndrome”. The disturbing part of this syndrome is that the risk factors associated with it are rising in children and young adults as well as the aging population. The International Diabetes Federation has warned of the rising global pandemic of Type 2 Diabetes, “It is now affecting more than 150 million people worldwide and predicted to rise to 300 million by 2025.” 


Some of the symptoms in Type 2 diabetes are blurred vision, lack of energy, obesity, inability to lose weight on a low fat diet, frequent urination and intense thirst, low blood sugar symptoms such as memory loss and confusion when meals and snacks are irregular, and unusual fatigue. Insulin resistance can trigger other syndromes such as polycystic ovary syndrome, fatty liver, infertility, irregular menstruation, acne and increased health risks from peri-menopause, menopause and andropause. The 21st century approach to lifestyle and nutrition is at the heart of these issues. Fast food, foods rich in carbohydrates, trans fats and sugars, sedentary lifestyle and an overload of stress are contributors to imbalances with the pancreas. Consider how much time you or your children spend texting on their phones or spending time on the computer. Our bodies need exercise every day. Exercise not only keeps our bodies fit, it also helps to balance hormones and increase oxygen in our bodies for healthy red blood cells for immune health, energy and better mental aptitude. Exercise also stimulates all of our organs including the pancreas for better function and balance.


Hypertension is now beginning as early as the teen years. I have clinically assessed a six year old with early onset puberty due to lifestyle and dietary issues. The issues are not only with the choice of food but also with the hormones present in the foods which affect all age groups. Insist upon hormone free eggs, poultry, meat and fish.


High cholesterol is the result of an overloaded liver due to toxins, heavy metals and unhealthy fats in the diet. The liver can no longer process fats adequately and cholesterol imbalances present. Through live blood analysis, cholesterol can be found in the blood sample as early as the teen years.


 1) Lifestyle change including avoiding smoking, excessive alcohol, changing sedentary lifestyle patterns to active ones and ensuring you acknowledge and commit to resolve stressful interpersonal and business relationships which can profoundly affect your physical well being.

2) Behavior modification, change eating patterns and quantities. Change stress eating patterns. Emotional Freedom Therapy is an excellent tool for this kind of behaviour modification as well as foundational quantum energy work.

 3) Daily exercise.

4) Diet, replacing simple sugars, salt and saturated fat with healthy protein intake, healthy fats such as fish oil and plenty of vegetables. Diet also needs to include excellent hydration with water, not coffee, pop or sweetened drinks.

5) Nutritional supplementation to support the body’s balance. Supplements have become a necessity due to over farming and genetic modification of foods that is resulting in low percentages of nutritional elements such as magnesium being present in the food.


We appear to have a problem with taking responsibility for many facets of our life in North American society. Consider the effect on your family, children, and community when you decide it is time to make different choices and set an example of caring for yourself enough to accept good health and joy in every day. It is contagious. You are giving a golden gift to your children and the planet when you bring your awareness to your health and well being.


Syndrome X/ Type 2 Diabetes can be addressed and healed before you or a family member becomes a part of the pandemic and the suffering that follows. Consider this…



What You Need To Know


Paraben Preservatives

in Body Care Products

Cosmetic chemicals found in breast tumours


12 January, 2004              

New news service.     


Preservative chemicals found in samples of breast tumours probably came from underarm deodorants, UK scientists have claimed. Their analysis of 20 breast tumours found high concentrations of para-hydroxybenzoic acids (parabens) in 18 samples.  Parabens can mimic the hormone estrogen, which is known to play a role in the development of breast cancers.  The preservatives are used in many cosmetics and some foods to increase their shelf-life.

“From this research it is not possible to say whether parabens actually caused these tumours, but they may certainly be associated with the overall rise in breast cancer causes,” says Philip Harvey, an editor of the Journal of Applied Toxicology, which published the research. “Given that breast cancer is the largest killer of women and a very high percentage of young women use underarm deodorants, I think we should be carrying out properly funded, further investigations into parabens and where they are found in the body,” Harvey told New Scientist.

Chemical cousins

The new research was led by molecular biologist Philippa Darbre, at the University of Reading.  She says that the ester-bearing form of parabens found in the tumours indicates it came from something applied to the skin, such as an underarm deodorant, creams or body spray.  When parabens are eaten, they are metabolized and lose the ester group, making them less strongly estrogen-mimicking.

“One would expect tumours to occur evenly, with 20 percent arising in each of the five areas of the breast,” Darbre told New Scientist.  “But these results help explain why up to 60 per cent of all breast tumours are found in just one-fifth of the breast – the upper-outer quadrant, nearest the underarm.”

A small survey by New Scientist of three British high street shops and one supermarket found deodorants in each that contained parabens, although most of these products did not.  However, many other products used under the arm commonly contained parabens, such as body sprays, hair removal creams and shaving gels.  Body lotions, face creams, cleansers and shampoos also frequently contained parabens.

Be diligent and responsible

– check all your products for ingredients that could be harmful to your body.   

Consider this . . .




Explanation of How EMFs and ELFs Can Harm You (EMF - electromagnetic fields & ELF - extremely low frequencies)

Everything electrical – your microwave, your television, even the computer – emits electromagnetic radiation.



Measured in Hertz (Hz), electromagnetic radiation is arranged in a spectrum. The healthy human body resonates with the earth’s magnetic field at just under 10 Hz. Naturally occurring electromagnetic fields don’t significantly alter the body’s innate electromagnetic balance.

As Hertz increase, the biological stress inflicted on the human body increases, too. As you move up the spectrum, the link between electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and damage to the human body grows stronger. Our bodies are extraordinarily sensitive to electromagnetic energies. The 60-Hz electrical power lines that supply our electrical appliances have been scientifically proven to cause biological stress and are linked to dozens of health problems. And cell phones operate at frequencies millions of times higher than power lines.

The types of radiation– Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) and radio frequency (RF) and even microwave frequency (MF) – are on the low end of the spectrum. Unlike radiation at the high end (gamma rays, x-ray and ultraviolet light), radiation at the low end doesn’t have enough energy to destroy atoms. But it can agitate them. While electrical fields can easily be shielded, magnetic fields penetrate concrete, steel and human bodies. The entirety of a magnetic field will enter the body.

Agitation that occurs from microwave frequencies can be extremely destructive. The vibration causes friction, which in turn causes cells to heat up. Cell phones in particular are dangerous because they operate in the microwave frequency range.

The same phenomenon that enables a microwave to cook a chicken breast straight through can also occur within your body. Only rather than dinner, you’re cooking your brain, your cheek, your nose … anything within a few inches of your cell phone.

Many research studies have found that the ELF and radio frequency radiation can cause other biological changes. Such as:

  • Enzyme changes that affect DNA and cell growth; possible cancer and birth defects.
  • Changed metabolism and increased cell growth.
  • Fetal abnormalities, probably caused by enzyme changes.
  • Gene expression changes, which creates stress on your body and possibly cancer.
  • Increased production of stress proteins within cell, possibly to Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Chronic stress induced by exposure to EMFs, which can lead to heart conditions.
  • Neuro-hormone changes, which can result in memory loss and impaired brain function.
  • Electro-smog disturbs the growth of cells and the information flow between cells





Highest frequencies

Power lines


Video Display

Hydro lines

Mobile phones


Power Generation

Cell phones

Battery power

Electric appliances

Computer terminals


Moderate frequencies

Induction heating


Video Display


Small Appliances

Fluorescent lighting

Under floor heating


Halogen lamps



Security Systems

Radio frequencies, WiFi

Mobile Radio / CB

Mobile phones

Wireless “toys”

Broadcast AM FM TV

Cell phones

Wireless Computer

Radar, Navigation

Computer terminals

Satellite receivers


Video Display


Microwave frequency

Radar, navigation



Microwave ovens



Infrared- ho harm



Germicidal lamp

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Infrared is the only safe frequency that exists in our daily life.

Alarming Research Studies Conducted Worldwide

The dangers of electromagnetic radiation became apparent after World War II, when certain diseases started appearing with greater frequency among WWII radar personnel. Since then, the science and medical communities have produced a crush of evidence that exposure to radio frequencies is linked to cancers, brain tumors, lymphomas, headaches, melanomas, leukemia, Alzheimer’s, memory loss, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, high-blood pressure, and brain damage.

Thousands of scientific studies have been conducted to analyze the effects of ELF, microwave and radio frequency radiation on the human body. Here’s just a sampling of what’s been discovered:

Scientists in Russia, Europe, and America have found alarming disturbances of brain, nerve, endocrine, and reproductive function in individuals exposed to electromagnetic radiation. Many investigators report functional alterations in the neuro-endocrine system of both animals and humans exposed to microwave or radio frequency energies. These changes occur in the pituitary gland, adrenal cortex, thyroid and gonads.

A clear connection between low-voltage power distribution lines in residential neighborhoods and increased incidence of childhood leukemia. (Source: 1979, at the University of Colorado, by epidemiologist, Nancy Werthheimer, Ph.D.)
A quadrupling in the risk of brain tumors among children whose mothers slept under electric blankets during the first trimester of pregnancy. A second study indicated that children who used electric blankets were more likely to develop cancer. (Source: 1990, The American Journal of Epidemiology)

A four fold increase in the risk of leukemia among children who live near power lines and the doubling of the risk for adults. (Source: comprehensive study done by Swedish researchers on the effects of electromagnetic pollution on 500,000 people over a 25 year period)
Cellular phones operate at frequencies millions of times higher than the 60 Hz. emitted by the electric lines. Cell phone radiation can triple the number of chromosome abnormalities in human blood cells. (Source: Dr. George Carlo former chairman of WTR (Wireless Technology Research), a research group founded and sponsored by the wireless industry, in a study conducted at Stanford University)
Exposure of human T-cells Iymphocytes to a low strength 60Hz electric field for 48 hours significantly reduced their ability against foreign cells. This demonstrated the link of electromagnetic fields to weakened cells of the immune system and to such diseases and syndromes as AIDS, Autism, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, Alzheimers and Parkinsons. (Source: Becker 1990 reporting researchers in Loma Linda, California)

A study of the health threatening effects of microwaved nutrients on the blood and physiology of humans showed that microwave cooking changed the nutrients evidenced by the changes in the participants' blood. Microwave radiation during cooking causes destruction and deformation of molecules of food which results in the formation of new compounds (radiolytic compounds) unknown to man and nature. (Source: Swiss scientist Hans Hertel)

Workers at the Military Institute of Aviation Medicine, Warsaw Poland engaged in the use, maintenance, repair and production of microwave sources complained of headaches, fatigue and copius sweating and those with the highest exposures exhibited flat EEG readings!. (Sulman 1980 Source: 1975 Baranski and Edelwejn )

People living within a quarter of a mile of high output FM and T.V. broadcasting towers can suffer from heat stress, damaged organs and body chemistry changes. (Schauss 1984).

Low-level RF radiation decreases certain chemical agents that are essential for spatial learning. In this experiment, the rats had difficulty learning a maze after 45 minutes of exposure to the radiation. (Source: Dr. Henry Lai at Washington University.)
Your chance of developing brain cancer increases by 26% if you’ve used a mobile phone for up to ten years … by 77% if you have 10+ years of use. (Source: oncology professor Dr. Lennart Hardell)

Nocturnal melatonin levels were suppressed in rats exposed to electric fields. Similar and significant results indicated that low EMF's can depress night time melatonin, a valuable cancer inhibiting hormone, in humans. Melatonin, secreted by the pineal gland, affects the sleep cycle, the fertility cycle and the human immune response system that fights disease. (Source: Bary Wilson's research in the early 1980's)


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