Brenda M Leite, PhD (DNM), RNP, Doctorate in Natural Medicine, Registered Naturotherapy Practitioner

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Thank you for visiting our website. Our philosophy at the clinic is to provide clients with exceptional supportive care and education to bring them back to balance through the use of natural medicines, thermometry and energy rebalancing. Dr. Brenda M. Leite

My education began at the renowned Pan American  Institute of Natural Medicine under the guidance and direction of Dr. Charles McWilliams, NMD, MD, D. Ac., MB, a leader in the Natural Medicine field. The Pan American Institute is at the forefront, worldwide, and continues to bring natural medicine care to third world countries.

My doctoral clinical studies were completed with the University of Humanitarian Medicine in Toronto under the mentorship of Dr. Sheila Mackenzie-Barnswell, R.D.H., D.N.M., H.D., PhD. This is a direct, one-on-one mentorship to facilitate continuing education and practical experience in a Natural Medicine Clinic.


  At the annual Natural Medicine conference held in Nassau June 2006, I received an Award of Excellence for my achievements in my academic and clinical work. My present qualifications enable me to provide many natural healing modalities for body, mind and spirit, such as nutritional medicine, weight loss programs, detoxification, energy balancing, hands-on healing techniques, lifestyle and stress management.

As a member of the Examining Board of Natural Medicine Practitioners and an active member of W.O.N.M. the World Organization of Natural Medicine, I am employing continuing education to stay abreast of all the possibiities of assisting the body with healing itself.

I am very passionate about natural medicine and have seen, first hand, the recovery of individuals from very dire imbalances, who have chosen this natural holistic approach.  I look forward to assisting our clients in fulfilling their intentions to establish balance in body, mind and spirit. It is my goal to help you to attain a healthy, joyous life, free of excess stress, toxins and energy blockages.

Yours in Health,

Brenda M. Leite


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